Telomere Biology and the Science of Aging

What is telomere biology?

If you’re asking, you’re not alone – although the discovery of telomerase was awarded the Nobel Prize in 2009, much of the public is still unfamiliar with this groundbreaking science.


Here are the principles of telomere biology in very broad strokes:

  • In every dividing cell in our bodies, there is a “clock” of aging that determines the cell’s health and age.
  • This “clock” is a region of DNA at the end of each of our chromosomes, called the telomere.
  • Every time a cell divides, the telomere gets slightly shorter.
  • We age because, as our telomeres get shorter, our cells age.
  • Bad things happen when telomeres get short. Our cells become sick, they stop dividing, and this is the root cause of aging and age-related diseases.
  • There is an enzyme called telomerase that makes our telomeres longer.
  • Every cell in our body contains the genetic information needed to produce telomerase – but the production of telomerase is “switched off.”
  • Certain chemicals, compounds, and natural ingredients can tell the body to switch telomerase on.
  • When telomerase is turned on, the rate at which we age will slow – and with enough telomerase, could even stop or reverse.

It sounds like science fiction, doesn’t it? But we’ve already seen that it works. In 2010, Dr. Ron DePinho at Harvard Medical School devised a method to switch telomerase on in a line of engineered mice. The results were amazing: old mice became young again.

ABC News' Diane Sawyer Reports on Age Reversal

ABC News' Diane Sawyer Reports on Age Reversal. 2010 News report on breakthroughs in the science of aging.(2 minutes)

Youth In a Pill Channel 6 News Report

Channel 6 News Orlando "Youth in a pill" reports on breakthrough research on ant-aging Isagenix Product B (3minutes)

Product B Targets The Source of Aging

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Research Library

Our research library features videos, audio recordings, documention, news reports, testiomials from physicians and personal success stories.

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Aging, Telomeres and Telomerase

This presentation features molecular biologist, Bill Andrews, Ph.D. Dr. Andrews has worked in the biotech industry for nearly 30 years, focusing the last 15 years on finding ways to extend human lifespan through the intervention of telomere shortening in human cells. (11 minutes)

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Product B; The Science of Aging, Longevity and Telomeres

This presentation covers 30 years of telomere research. Dave MacArthur discusses the Nobel Prize Winning work on DNA telomeres and telomerase; the collaboration of telomere research geneticist Bill Andrews PhD and Master Formulator, John Anderson; and how we can positively affect the time clock behind our lifespan and the quality of the years to come with the implementation of this new discovery.(40 minutes)

NBA Legend, AC Green Discovers Product B

Former LA Lakers basketball star, AC Green, discovers the power of telomeres and how Product B can improve his physical performance.(2 minutes)

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Dr Ritter Product B
Dr Thom Rogers Product B

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Product B Information

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Telomerase Stimulation Extends Life Span in Mice

How Do You Feel Today Assessment
Dr Bill Andrews FAQ Product B

Cellular Turnover Rates & Product B

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BobSheridan2011 BobSheridan2012 BobSheridanFeb2013

You were in the hospital for six months in 2010. How is your health today?

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2011 2012 FEBRUARY 2013

81 Year Old - Structural Changes


Science Is Linking Health Problems to Short Telomeres

An increasing number of scientific studies from around the world have linked shorter telomeres with various types of diseases and health conditions. It's important to understand that when these problems begin, little to NO physical symptom are apparent. Therefore pre-emptive telomere health is absolutely essential for reducing the risk of developing the most common degenerative issues.

Alzheimer’s Disease
Down’s Syndrome
Liver Cirrhosis
Macular Degeneration
Muscular Dystrophy
Skin Aging

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